12 Bridal Shower Gifts from Mom to Daughter

Every mom cannot wait to see their daughter dressed in white and given to the partner of their dreams. The best part is that they get to give something meaningful or fun for their daughter leading up to her special day. If your daughter is getting ready to host a bridal shower, you know that she has been working hard planning her wedding. All mothers know the feeling, so why not give something to make her relax? Here are 12 great ideas for bridal shower gifts from mom to daughter.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BlueSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  • Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5
  • Brand: Better Than Buttons
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Custom BraceletCustom Bracelet

  • Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5
  • Brand: Joycuff
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Jewelry BoxJewelry Box

  • Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5
  • Brand: Vlando
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  • Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5
  • Brand: Potricher
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Mrs. ClothingMrs. Clothing

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  • Brand: Jinting
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Celebratory ItemsCelebratory Items

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  • Brand: Custom Engraved Glasses by Stocking Factory
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Personalized Letter or PoemPersonalized Letter or Poem

  • Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
  • Brand: Teegarb Letter Blanket
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Spa GiftSpa Gift

  • Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
  • Brand: Lizush
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Personal ArtworkPersonal Artwork

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  • Brand: P&L Art
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Pearl EarringsPearl Earrings

  • Customer Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
  • Brand: Pavoi
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Wedding Survival KitWedding Survival Kit

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  • Brand: Kate Aspen
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1. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

There is nothing wrong with giving a traditional gift a little bit earlier than usual. If you’re feeling up to it, giving her a keepsake with these items attached will be remembered always, and you can attach the engagement date or wedding date to whatever keepsake you decide on.


  • The double heart charm added for the joining of two hearts; The blue crystal is Swarovski
  • Handcrafted in The USA
  • If you’re familiar with the ending of the something old rhyme, The sixpence is added to ensure that it all goes together, “and a sixpence in her shoe”.
  • Affordable
  • Arrives on time
  • The something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is all added into one item
  • Item has different variations of it to match any bride
  • Pearl is simulated
  • The item might not last to be passed down repeatedly due to substantial-quality

2. Custom Bracelet

There are so many mother and daughter jewelry pieces, if you have not gifted an item such as this or one in a very long time, a bridal shower is the best place to start. Maybe it can be two hearts, an infinity symbol to show that your love can last more than a lifetime, whichever custom bracelet you choose that fits your daughter I’m sure she will cherish forever.


  • Joycuff comes with a cute gift box. Secret message engraved only yourself know what it says inside, It’s a good reminder in your daily life for your loved one
  • Simplistic affirmation cuff bracelet
  • High polished cuff bracelet, shine, very smooth rounded edges; clear engraving for easy reading
  • Joycuff will provide each customer with efficient customer service and a 100% satisfied shopping experience.
  • Bracelet is adjustable
  • Amazon’s best-seller
  • Smooth metal to avoid skin damage to the wrist
  • Affordable
  • Will resolve issues within 24 hours to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Engraving on the inside as a personal connection between the giver and receiver.
  • Caution: it will fit most sized wrists
  • Requires more care; customers have to remove it from certain chemicals or before shower or wearing perfume and other daily rituals in order to take care of it more

3. Jewelry Box

I remember always looking at my mother’s mahogany jewelry box filled with royal blue velvet fabric hoping I would get something as magnificent as that. If you ever had a beautiful jewelry box, your daughter may have always wanted one because her mother had one. If your daughter is not into antique-style jewelry boxes, the modern ones are just as beautiful; they had rose-gold, gold, silver trimming, sometimes the metal parts are in designs, while the rest of the box is glass. You can even get one with her initials on it, there is always something for each bride.


  • It has a design of an automatic pull-out compartment for necklaces for extra storage. This jewelry box is visually pleasing. 
  • The design team in the Netherlands. They have devoted themselves to produce practical, and fashionable products.
  •  Synthetic leather exterior, Velvet lining, and flannel interior.
  • Vlando’s details are subtle, with the use of thicker leather even in the stitching. Vlando’s jewelry box is durable. Also, It is Lead-free glue so to keep you from health concerns for daily use.
  • Dimensions are 10.0 x 7.3 x 7.0 inches.
  • The store has more jewelry boxes in different colors, designs, and sizes.
  • Lead-free glue for customers’ health.
  • Has a strap for easy carrying
  • The jewelry box does clasp, however, it does not lock.
  • It may be smaller than expected

4. Scrapbook

This is a great gift for the overachieving bride; you can add all of their awards they have received over their years; from the time they were young to the moment of their engagement, family vacations, and any other important moment in her life.


  • DIY photo album
  • Hardcovers and paper that are not easy to bend, made out of fine materials with sturdy pages. 
  • 360-degree sheet rotation, convenient for opening and closing scrapbook without tears.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8inches album, 40 sheets(total 80 pages)
  • thick acid-free paper
  • Comes in 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inch
  • 40 sheets of paper, but 80 pages in all
  • Used for all occasions
  • Materials used for scrapbook may vary, therefore, be careful how you decide to decorate the page
  • The color of the scrapbook ordered might be a slightly different shade than expected

5. Mrs. Clothing

A bridal shower is one of the few days where the soon to be bride can make everything about her, to stand out, and be the center of attention, having clothing that says Mrs. on it such as pajamas, a jean jacket, robes, and even slippers, she’ll have all of these for a long time because it will always remind her of moments leading up to her special day.


  • The cute girlfriend fiancee wife tshirt for women is made from cotton blend, the fabric is soft and will not shrink when washed.
  •  Recommend to machine wash with cold water inside out with like colors and tumble dry low or hand wash.
  • Fabric is durable and stretches enough to wear
  • Wear this tee to your own bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower to celebrate your upcoming big day
  • Fabric will not shrink in the wash due to the cotton material
  • Machine wash safe and dryer safe
  • Non-see through
  • Size chart and measurements are available
  • Most people have worn their true size, however, sizing may vary and customers might have to go up a size

6. Celebratory Items 

There is nothing like gifting your daughter with a nice bottle of champagne and her favorite box of chocolates or desserts like macaroons. You’ve probably have helped with every little detail with the wedding, and one final gift you might want to give is just a simple celebration for all her hard work, and she will gladly unwind with her bottle of champagne and something sweet to eat. 


  • Mr. and Mrs. Champagne Glasses for Bride and Groom 
  • Set of two personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes.
  • Dimensions: Height 8 inch Top, Diameter 2 inch Bottom,  Diameter 2 ⅝ inch 
  • Clear Glass
  • Capacity: 6.25 oz.
  • Laser engraving 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great quality for the price
  • Only engravings are last name and wedding date; not allowed to put any more details such as first names
  • Champagne flutes engraving might look a little more translucent than expected

7. Personalized Letter or Poem 

This might seem dull at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Writing things that you wish your mother had told you and then giving that gift to your daughter can be special, and if you’re a creative genius, giving a beautifully written poem is just as endearing. You can also gift it in an extraordinary way, maybe curating the letter or poem on clear acrylic paper with gold writing, or placing the paper in a thin frame so she can hang it up and have it as decoration.


  • All blanket throws are handmade using the softest quality of warm microfiber blankets, unique ideas for all genders. 
  • Able to write your own letter with your own handwriting, also able to add a picture, image, or quotes. Makes a great gift on Christmas or birthdays for any person you decide to give to such as grandmother, kids, husband, or wife. 
  • Can be used for any occasion; perfect for family gatherings, such as picnics, beaches, camping, weddings, and so much more. 
  • Everyday use
  • Pill-free microfiber
  • Customer service is a top priority and guaranteed satisfactory
  • Machine washable has instructions as well
  • handmade
  • Has not received any ratings.

8. Spa Gifts

Like I said before brides have been taking care of business ever since they said yes. Moms have been there every step of the way with planning the wedding and all the pit-stops in-between. Giving a spa gift card is wonderful, it gives the soon to be bride alone time to cherish at a spa. If you want to one-up that idea, you can have the gift with twice as much so she and her maid of honor can have a spa day together. Let’s take it even further, you can gift her a spa basket with all the home spa day essentials with added items for mani-pedis, face masks, and so much more.


  • Full-size citrus soap bar
  • Grapefruit body oil
  • Facial clay mask
  • Bath bomb
  • Shower steamer
  • Natural lip balm
  • Soy candle with “Make a Wish” scribed on it
  • Face towel and a white sponge
  • Cruelty-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Use only herbs, essential oils, all-natural ingredients.
  • Comes in different bulk scents and colors
  • Might be more costly for the size

9. Personal Artwork

Anything handmade will always be a special gift. If you are good at making candles, you can gift her a few curated candles with her favorite scent, or if you can crochet, crocheting a bridal robe is also very different than a silk satin robe, to switch a few things up.


  • Handcrafted canvas prints from the Texas Art Company. 
  • Upload the photo of your choosing and your customized product will be sent within 2 business days.
  • The canvases are framed out of thick wooden bars, 1.25 inches. 
  • The final product should resemble the preview process. By using Photo Gifts, your canvas print will have outstanding clarity and colors.
  • It’s the perfect printing service for memorable moments such as weddings
  • Canvases are framed by 1.25 inch thick wooden bars
  • Eco-Ink makes it safe for families and homes.
  • The photo has to be a perfect fit, if not the white borders will appear. You will then have to resize the photo or choose another photo to replace.
  • Might take longer for the product to be received by customers
  • The photo might be smaller than expected; it is best to look over dimensions and see if those are the exact measurements you would like

10. Pearl Earrings 

Not only does It bring class, but it never goes out of style. The most exciting thing about pearls is that they now come in an array of colors, so you will never run out of the colors she might want for any occasion. If the soon to be bride is more minimalistic, then a pair of pearl studs should do the trick, but if she’s gaudier then a pair of tear-drop crystals with pearls should fit her as well.


  • 5.5mm diameter white Freshwater cultured pearls. 
  • Pearls are hand-picked for quality  and cleanliness 
  • This heartwarming gift is beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. Makes a sentimental surprise gift for Mom or Grandma on Mother’s Day, for that special someone on that special day
  •  To ensure satisfaction, a 90 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. 
  • Pavoi is an American owned and operated company.
  • Can be worn on any occasion, whether formal evening event or everyday casual.
  • metals we use are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic
  • 100% satisfactory guarantee
  • Pearls are known to not be fully round, can break easily if not taken care of properly.
  • Tinted coloring

11. Wedding Survival Kit 

Better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, gifting a kit filled with all the essentials for the bride will be much needed. Hopefully, it won’t be needed on that day, but if something does happen and the kit is needed, your daughter will be thanking you for always being one step ahead.


  • Supplies included are: a manicure set with nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, nail file, 4 hair ties, 8 bobby pins, paper clothing tape, 12 oil absorbing wipes, and a mini sewing kit
  •  A clear front in order to find every item quickly
  • Convenient size bag to carry around in small spaces 
  • Floral print bag; measures 10.2-inch width x 6.7-inch height x 2.1-inch Diameter
  • Has essentials for the brides big day
  • Might not have what you need, some customers require different wants and needs within this product
  • Not as full
  • Quality does not match the quantity and vise versa

12. Locket

An antique locket is gorgeous and timeless, what more can you say with a velvet box with a beautiful locket inside with a picture of the bride and groom inside. If she loves engraving which we all hope for, on the back of the locket with the date of their engagement or the wedding date.


  • The locket can hold two photos.
  • Provides a hidden hinge design.
  • Spring ring clasp.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Affordable
  • gold filled locket
  • Smaller than expected
  • Hard to insert photos
  • Extra care towards handling this product


I hope all these fun bridal shower gifts from mom to daughter serve you well and as always congratulations to your family, and happy shopping!


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