In need of the perfect gift idea for the bridal party? Look no further! These best gifts for bridal shower games are perfectly curated to match any occasion and vibe of your future event! Want a funny prize or a classy prize? You can find it all in here.

Top Gifts for Bridal Shower Games

1. Cute Coffee Mug

Cute gifts for the bridal shower helps to balance out all the silly and serious gifts. This sloth is absolutely adorable and cute for drinking your daily coffee.

  • Decorative Mug
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 12 OZ Cup
  • Sloth is in uncomfortable position for daily use

2. Skincare Kit

A small set of all the perfect skincare to nourish, balance, and rejuvenate anyones skin. This is a gift worth fighting over during the fun bridal shower games you have planned!

  • Travel Size
  • Bonus Gift
  • Cleanser and Moisturizer Included; well rounded kit
  • Not standard size might not last long
  • Allergies must be minded

3. Bottle of Wine with Commemorative Label

Customize a bottle of any beverage you like with a commemorative label of yours and your fiance’s name as well as the date of your wedding. This is a sweet bridal shower gift, or could be wedding party favors to any of your guests.

  • Bottle Labels Made to Last
  • Can drink or save as a commemorative party favor
  • Can fit onto any drink flavor you would like
  • Labels only fit mini bottles

4. Curated Snack box

Any foodies dream, and certainly a great prize for a bridal shower. This gourmet gift basket comes completely made, so you do not even have to lift a finger. It is packaged and decorated and ready to go.

  • Great Pairing for Wine Tasting
  • Ships fast
  • Premade
  • Pre Decorated
  • Not customizable

5. Chic Coasters

This set of marble coasters comes in three colors: Gold, Silver, and White. It is a beautiful and practical gift to throw into the mix for your bridal shower.  

  • Fits cups, glasses, and mugs alike
  • Protects Tables and other surfaces
  • Hand Wash and Dry only
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe

6. No Spill Wine Glass

No Mess No Problem! These glasses are an excellent party trick; they never spill! I bet guests will be fighting for the chance to have a glass that will never spill, and it is super fun to use.

  • No Spill
  • Fun Trick
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Glass does not sit upright or stay stable

7. Adult Card Game

Great gift to giveaway and something you could use at the bridal shower party! This game is a hoot for all the girls to play, and perfect for game nights or just a day you want to de stress.

  • Fun For a Group
  • Great for Parties
  • No Maximum Players
  • Not Gender Inclusive

8. Fancy Scented Candle 

Candles are always a must have gift.  This gold packaging goes well with most home decor types, and is very eye catching.  A candle can always be used, no matter the person who receives it so it is sure to be sought after.

  • Detachable Candle Topper
  • Burns 85-100 Hours
  • Long Lasting Oak and Rum Scent
  • Classy Packaging
  • Scent not Changeable
  • Candle is large size

9. Gift Cards!

A gift card is always the perfect prize, as the recipient can do whatever he or she pleases.  Amazon has tons of products to choose from, but there are also tons of other stores to provide gift cards from.

  • Gift is customizable to recipient
  • Gift cards can be easily transported to a chosen venue
  • Not as personal

10. Tea Basket

This basket has an amazing variety of flavors as well as a very fashionable and well done basket. This gift has already been perfectly made and wrapped up for a perfect no sweat prize!

  • Many flavors to choose from
  • Imported
  • Handcrafted
  • Small amount of tea

11. Chocolate

This chocolate sampler comes with so many great snacks for a lucky guest to take home with them and enjoy.  Give them something sweet to remember the wedding party by!

  • Premade Gift Basket
  • Packaging lasts overtime and doesn’t need to be eaten immediately
  • Candies and chocolates cannot be chosen

12. Charm Bracelets

This charm bracelet comes in a gorgeous gold color and is representative of the path of life that lies ahead of your wedding.  Give this as a gift to your attendees so they too can have a beautiful memory of your event.

  • Adjustable
  • Representative charms
  • Quick delivery date
  • Material has been known to tarnish over time

13. Nail Polish Sets

What can be better than a set of nail polish with every color your guest could desire.  This nail polish is of high quality and standard which makes it a worthy prize for your bridal shower.

  • Variety of Colors
  • Soaks off easily
  • Gel lasts for a long period of time
  • Colors are neutral not a variety of colors

14. Martini Sets

This mini martini set comes with everything you could need for a fun night in with all your friends!  It also comes with a gorgeous handcrafted wood stand to store all the supplies so you can keep it on display.

  • Mahogany stand
  • Stainless steel alloy set
  • No rust
  • Small set; not made for large parties or to entertain a lot of guests

15. Potted Herbs or Seedlings

There is nothing more satisfying than a gift you can grow and nourish by yourself.  This gift can grow into anything you would like, or possibly begin to die if left unattended.  This is the joy of gardening; what you put into it you get out of it.  This particular set can grow amazing medicinal herbs.

  • Create your own gift
  • Herbs are medicinal
  • Set carries you step by step
  • Only a proper gift to someone who enjoys growing
  • Patient gift

16. Grow Your Own Garden

Growing your own herbs can be enjoyable to eat, but growing a garden of beautiful flowers can be so fulfilling and pleasant to look at.  Any guest who enjoys growing and nurturing a flower garden.

  • Small Pot
  • Fits in Apartments and Condos
  • Limited flower choice to the kit
  • Pot Color not customizable

17. Mad Libs

Even Bridal Showers call for a few funny gifts! Give the guests what they want; and what they want is a bit of fun within all the seriousness of the events that are upcoming.

  • Fun for everyone
  • Reminder of fun childhood game
  • Made for groups to enjoy
  • Limited use game paper runs out eventually

18. DVD Movies

Another gag gift would not hurt for a bridal shower! Not many people use DVDs anymore, but why not get a silly movie like Bridesmaids as the gag gift.  It is very fitting for the day, and very amusing.

  • Funny movie
  • Comedy
  • Amusing gag gift
  • Some might not have a dvd player

19. Assorted Bath Salts

This set of bath crystals is a must have gift!  These epsom salt crystals will moisturize your skin and have an amazing smell to go along with them.

  • Great Fragrances
  • Moisturizes your skin in bath
  • 5 scents
  • Tube good for two uses

20. Gift Basket

Decadent Chocolate gift basket?  Yes please!  Godiva is a higher end chocolate that will surely please your guests.  A chocolate gift like this is to die for.

  • Pre Packaged
  • Gift basket comes decorated
  • Mug included
  • Basket premade; no room for design choice

21. Manicure Set

Playing a game and the prize is a perfect manicure… sounds like a good prize to me!   This set is super easy to travel with and comes with everything you could possibly need for a high quality manicure.

  • Travel Size
  • Convenient packaging
  • Multi Functional
  • Tools mighty not be as high of quality

22. Charcuterie Board and Knives

This is one of my absolute favorite gifts because it can be so useful!  A charcuterie board is perfect for girls nights or possible events coming up in the future.  And with matching knives this set is perfect!

  • Useful Storage Compartments
  • Comes with knives and cheese forks
  • High Quality Bamboo
  • Difficult to clean


These gifts will add a great bit of fun to your bridal shower party!  These gifts will be the talk of the party of course… except for the main event of course.  Your wedding will surely be the star if you buy as amazing gifts as these.


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